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Our History

Hello and thanks for visiting us today.
Our company was birthed in 1957 and has been serving Jacksonville, Florida for more than 63 years. Our father built his first house in the spring of 1957 and we haven't stopped since.
In fact, he had just finished it when a lady from out of town with four children stopped to ask if the house was for sale... and the rest is history !
It is hard to go anywhere in town without remembering people whom we helped build their dream. Our reputation is such that we mostly work by word of mouth, our customers are our best advertisement.

Family Viewing House




Kitchens and bathrooms are the jewels of the home. They are so enjoyable to do as we see the transformation and the smile on people's face. They know the value it will bring to their quality of life and to their property equity. We have done hundreds of both and are ready to listen to your desires and needs and take them from paper design to reality. In the Gallery slideshows we have provided a sample of kitchens and baths to help you visualize some of our work.


If you want to know what our "Forte" is ? Room additions ! This is the best way to increase the value of your home and add the extra space we all need. If you've been thinking about moving... well think twice ! With the added moving costs and the additional property taxes that will increase sometimes multiply after you move, then building a room addition just makes sense.

And if you're afraid that adding a room to your house will make it look mish-mash, like it doesn't belong then have no fear. When it's all said and done, be assured that you will join the hundreds of customers who have said "Oh it looks like its always been there !"



We've built, remodeled and repaired Offices, Churches, Assisted Living Facilities, Beauty Salons, Daycares, Stores, New Building, Apartments Complexes, Condos, Restaurants and much more.

Block, frame, steel... we do  it all !


Garages and Sunrooms

Interior Remodel and Restoration

Windows and Doors

Wall Removal

Driveway and Fencing

Re-roofs and Roof Repairs

Termite Damage

Home and Commercial Inspections

Roof Inspections

Dock and Bulkhead

Concrete Work

Code Enforcement Repairs

Wind Mitigation Letters

And Much More...



Hear It From Them...

We were apprehensive to find a contractor who could build out our new chiropractic office the way we envisioned it. Too often, people promise you the moon and before you know it, you've overpaid, you're behind schedule, and the work looks sloppy. This simply wasn't the case with the Mack Bros.

When we met Fred we were incredibly impressed with his warmth and professionalism, so much so we thought "this is too good to be true. He knew the aesthetic we wanted, and he nailed it (no pun intended!) Fred and his crew worked diligently, secured all the permitting and got us in the space on the date we agreed on. His crew worked quickly and were always mindful to keep the construction site clean. Fred was with us every step of the way. He kept us informed of any problems and in the loop with all major construction and dates. Most importantly, Fred's attention to detail is paramount and what truly sets him apart from the competition. You will never have to go over the area with a fine toothed comb because Fred has already done 50 walk-throughs before you arrive. He expects and demands perfection from his crew.

There are plenty of contractors out there who will give you a cheaper service, but "cheaper" is the operative word. If you're looking for an exceptional service with honest pricing, look no further than the Mack Bros.

Caitlin B. from Surfside Chiropractic.

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